The electric scooter revolution has truly taken over India, with a plethora of options to choose from, people who are looking to purchase an electric scooter might be confused with the sheer amount of options available. But when it comes to electric scooters two brands come to mind – Ather and Bounce Infinity both these electric scooters are strong contenders in the electric mobility race, boasting zero-emission thrills and sleek designs, so why not put the best scooter of each brand against each other and see which one is the best amongst them? It is Ather 450X vs Bounce Infinity E.1, so who will come out on top between Ather vs Bounce Infinity? Let’s find out!

Why Compare Ather vs Bounce Infinity?

As prefaced the electric scooter market is booming, offering a variety of options.  But with so many choices, it can be overwhelming to pick the right one. So naturally picking the industry leaders of the industry makes sense and see which scooter is the best amongst them. This will include comparing features, specs, and prices which will help the potential buyer make an informed decision that aligns with their budget, riding style, and needs.


The Ather 450X sits in a slightly higher price bracket when compared to the Bounce Infinity E.1. The prices of both scooters overall vary in terms of on-road prices from state to state or even city to city. The Ather 450X comes in at around ₹1,41,307 (an average taken in terms of all the on-road prices) and the Bounce Infinity E.1 comes in at around ₹1,09,515 (the average of all the on-road prices) 

If pricing at face value is an issue, there are things to consider as these electric scooters are top-of-the-line. Consider things like:

  • Financial Incentives & Subsidies: Many regions offer attractive subsidies and tax benefits for electric vehicles. Be sure to factor these in when comparing the on-road price of both scooters 
  • Long-Term Cost-Effectiveness: Both the scooters are electric so ultimately it is only an initial investment, the elimination of frequent petrol top-ups is an attractive factor and overall in terms of the cost-to-benefit ratio, the benefit reaps higher.

Spec Showdown

Now, buckle up for a detailed spec comparison!  We'll be dissecting everything from battery capacity to brakes to help you make an informed decision 

  • Battery Capacity & Type: The Ather 450X boasts a larger battery capacity compared to the Bounce Infinity E.1. This translates to a potentially longer range on a single charge. The battery capacity is at 2.9kWh for the Ather vs Bounce Infinity has 1.9 kWh. Both scooter has a Lithium-ion battery. The Bounce Infinity E.1 boasts a detachable battery, meaning the battery can be picked up from the scooter and charged at the convenience of a house, Bounce Infinity also has battery swapping stations throughout(only in select cities as of now) making it a convenient option. 

  • Range & Charging Time: The Ather 450X might offer a longer range on a single charge compared to the Bounce Infinity E.1. The range of the 450X is 111km on a single charge and the E.1 gives around 100km, this also widely depends on the mode that the scooter is being used on. However, the Bounce Infinity E.1 (in select locations) might benefit from a swappable battery system, potentially reducing downtime while on the go. 

  • Motor Power & Performance: The Ather 450X might offer a more powerful motor which is a 6400W motor and the E.1 has a 2200W motor. The Ather has a PMSM type of motor and the E.1 has a BLDC motor. The top speed for the Ather is around 90km and the E.1 is about 65km

  • Weight & Load Capacity: The Ather 450X might be slightly heavier than the Bounce Infinity E.1. The Bounce Infinity E.1 might offer a higher load-carrying capacity due to its larger size

  • Brakes & Safety Features: Both scooters utilize CBS disc brakes for better stopping power. The Ather 450X might offer additional safety features like regenerative braking 

  • Smart Connectivity Features: The Ather 450X offers smartphone connectivity features like remote battery monitoring, ride statistics, and even navigation which is powered by an Android OS. Both the scooter has a digital instrument console but the E.1 is basic in its features when it comes to the digital instrument. 

  • Ride Modes & User Interface: The Ather 450X offers different ride modes for optimizing performance and efficiency. The Bounce Infinity E.1 might have a simpler user interface 

  • Design & Aesthetics: Both scooters offer stylish designs, but the choice depends on your personal preference. The Ather 450X has a modern and sleek design and the Bounce Infinity E.1 has a more retro-modern aesthetic. This factor depends on personal preference

  • Warranty & After-sales Support: Both manufacturers offer warranties on their scooters. 3-year battery warranty and a 3-year motor warranty. Research after-sales service network availability in the area for both brands 

  • Availability of Charging Infrastructure: The availability of charging stations can vary depending on your location. While both rely on standard charging networks, the Bounce Infinity E.1 (in select locations) might benefit from its swappable battery system

Pros and Cons: Weighing the Options 

Ather 450X:  The Tech-Savvy Champion


  • Overall longer range on a single charge 
  • Faster acceleration and zippier performance 
  • Advanced features like smartphone connectivity, ride modes, Bluetooth, and Android Digital Interface 
  • Additional safety features like regenerative braking (check specifications before making a decision) 


  • Price is high
  • Slower charging times compared to the Bounce Infinity E.1 with a swappable battery system
  • Limited after-sales service network availability in some areas

Bounce Infinity E.1:  The Value-Conscious Challenger


  • The more affordable upfront cost option
  • Potential for faster charging times with a swappable battery system (in select locations) 
  • Larger load-carrying capacity 
  • A simpler user interface that might be easier for new riders 


  • Shorter range on a single charge compared to the Ather 450X
  • Fewer tech-focused features 
  • Limited availability of a swappable battery system (check locations before making a decision) 
  • Potentially less established after-sales service network compared to Ather (check before making a decision) 

Limitations of Both Models

Range: Neither scooter might offer enough range for extremely long commutes. Consider your daily riding needs to determine if either model is suitable.

Charging Infrastructure: While both scooters rely on standard charging networks, readily available charging stations can vary depending on your location.

Final Showdown:  Picking Your Perfect Ride 

The Verdict:  There's no single winner!  The best electric scooter depends on your individual needs and priorities.  Here's a quick guide to help you decide:

Choose the Ather 450X if:

You prioritize a longer range and potentially faster charging times (standard charging).

You crave tech features like smartphone connectivity and ride modes.

You're comfortable with a slightly higher upfront cost.

Choose the Bounce Infinity E.1 if

You're on a budget and the upfront cost is a major factor.

You value the convenience of a swappable battery system (in select locations).

You appreciate a simpler user interface and a potentially larger load-carrying capacity.

Switch to electric & Bounce on Over to the right choice! the best electric scooter is definitely up to the individual preferences and their limitations. The emphasis on test riding is a must because personal riding preferences play a big part in this. On paper, The Bounce Infinity E.1 is an affordable option that checks most of the boxes for a person who is on the go and is looking for an easy commute. The perfect electric scooter awaits, take on eco-friendly adventures through the urban jungle! So ditch the petrol guzzler, embrace the electric revolution, and choose the Bounce Infinity E.1 for a ride that's fun, functional, and friendly on the planet

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