The cities in India are always bustling, especially the metro cities. More and more people from all over the country tend to migrate to the popular cities within the country for work, university, college, and even schools. 

This has resulted in an influx of population which correlates to the increase in traffic. There is an obvious way to beat traffic which is commuting by scooters, there is a way to amplify this by positively affecting the environment by using an electric scooter! 

The electric scooters have taken the country by storm, with many companies bringing out really high-quality scooters. There are electric scooters for many price ranges today the scooters under the microscopes are the Ampere Magnus EX vs Bounce Infinity E.1 both these electric scooters are strong contenders in the urban mobility race, boasting zero-emission thrills and sleek designs.  

But which one reigns supreme in conquering the daily commute?  This head-to-head comparison will shed light on their strengths and weaknesses, helping one pick the best electric scooter.

Price: A Budget-Conscious Battle

Let's kick things off with the bottom line!  Both the Bounce Infinity E.1 and Ampere Magnus EX start at a similar price range (subject to on-road variations).  This makes them excellent options for budget-minded riders who want to ditch gas guzzlers and embrace a greener way to navigate city streets. The E.1 roughly comes in around ₹ 1,09,605 and the Magnus EX is around ₹ 1,04,905. 


In terms of the motor when it comes to Ampere Magnus EX vs Bounce Infinity E.1, both scooters are powered by a Hub motor. However, real-world performance can vary depending on riding conditions.  Both scooters offer enough oomph to tackle city commutes with ease.  Test riding is recommended to feel the difference in acceleration that might exist.  The Bounce Infinity E.1 comes with riding modes to adjust the power of the scooter as well. 

Both scooters are electric, meaning they utilize electric motors and don't require gear shifting.  The Bounce Infinity E.1 might have a higher motor power output on paper but it is marginal. Both scooters are found to use a Brushless DC Motor (BLDC). However, real-world performance can vary depending on several factors.  Neither scooter offers a gearbox,  emphasizing a simple and hassle-free riding experience.

Mileage on a Single Charge

The Ampere Magnus EX might offer a tad more range, around 121km on a single charge compared to the Bounce Infinity E.1 which is around 100km (subject to riding conditions).  However, remember, mileage can vary depending on factors like rider weight, terrain, and speed. The E.1 however has a detachable battery and the battery can be swapped at Bounce Infinity’s swapping stations, the charge times are significantly quicker on the E.1 which is around 3-4 hours for a full charge, The Ampere Magnus EX takes around 6-7 hours.

Colour Variants & Storage

The Bounce Infinity E.1 offers a wider range of colours and variants, around 8 variants to be exact compared to the Ampere Magnus EX. Bounce Infinity also has further customizations that one can do in terms of stickers and decals. When it comes to Ampere Magnus EX vs Bounce Infinity, Bounce Infinity walks away with the victory.

The Bounce Infinity E.1 boasts some tech-rich features that its Ampere counterpart might lack.  This includes a digital instrument cluster with smartphone connectivity for features like remote battery monitoring and ride statistics.  The Bounce Infinity E.1 offers a mobile application with additional functionalities like an anti-theft feature. The Bounce Infinity E.1's under-seat storage compartment is slightly larger than the Ampere Magnus EX's. 

Brakes, Suspension & Tyres: Stopping Power & Handling

The E.1 and the Magnus EX scooters utilize combi-brakes for better stopping power. However, E.1 uses a disc brake which is a lot better than drum brakes which are used in the Ampere Magnus EX. Suspension details might vary, so test riding both scooters is crucial to determine which one offers a smoother ride on uneven surfaces.  Both scooters likely use similar-sized tubeless tires, known for their puncture resistance and offering a comfortable ride.  

Features that Enhance The Ride

The Bounce Infinity E.1 takes the lead here with its tech-focused features like smartphone connectivity and a digital instrument cluster.  This allows for features like remote battery monitoring and ride statistics.  Some Bounce Infinity E1 variants offer a mobile application for additional functionalities like ride data tracking and potential service bookings.  Both scooters likely come with basic features like an LED headlamp and a horn for better visibility and safety.

Dimensions & Capacity: Knowing Your Space

The Ampere Magnus EX might have a slightly larger footprint (width, length, and height) compared to the Bounce Infinity E.1.  This can affect maneuverability in tight spaces.  The maximum load-carrying capacity might be slightly higher on the Ampere Magnus EX due to its larger size.  Be sure to consult the user manuals for both scooters for specific weight limits. 

Entertainment & Communication: Stay Connected on the Go!

The Bounce Infinity E.1 shines in this area with its smartphone connectivity features (on some variants).  This allows riders to connect their phones to the scooter's instrument cluster for features like music playback control.  The Ampere Magnus EX might not offer such features.  

Comparison Criteria: How Infinity E1 and Magnus EX Stack Up

Here's a quick comparison table summarizing some key points to help you decide:

Feature Ampere Magnus EX Bounce Infinity E1
Price (starting) ₹ 1,04,905 ₹ 1,09,605
Motor Power 2.1 kW 2.2 kW
Range 120 KM 100 KM
Variants & Colors 4 8 + Stickers Available
Key Feature Highlights Basic Tech-focused (Mobile app)
Brakes Drum brakes Disc brakes
Tyres Similar sized tubeless Similar sized tubeless
Instrumentation Analog Digital
Body Structure Larger footprint Slightly smaller footprint
Engine & Transmission BLDC motor BLDC motor
Comfort Conveniences Basic Tech-focused (on some variants)
Safety Features No ABS Disc brakes | No ABS
Dimensions & Capacity Larger footprint Slightly smaller footprint
Entertainment & Communication Basic Smartphone connectivity (on some variants)
Under-Seat Storage Smaller Larger
Luggage Space Availability No dedicated rack Potential for aftermarket solutions

Remember, a test ride is crucial!  The best way to decide which scooter is right for an electric scooter enthusiast is to take both for a spin.  Consider factors like comfort, handling, features, and budget to make an informed choice.

Owner Reviews Overview: What Riders Are Saying

Bounce Infinity E.1 riders generally praise its smooth acceleration and comfortable ride.  Ampere Magnus EX reviews often highlight its affordability and decent range on a single charge.  A few riders of both scooters mentioned a lack of readily available spare parts, especially for the Ampere Magnus EX.

Both scooters offer comfortable seating for a single rider.  However, some taller riders might find the Ampere Magnus EX to offer a slightly more spacious riding position.  

Bounce Infinity E.1 users appreciate its tech features and stylish design.  Ampere Magnus EX riders enjoy its affordability and decent performance for everyday commutes.  It's important to remember that these are just a few examples, and the individual experiences might vary.

Bounce Over To The Right Choice

The Ampere Magnus EX vs the Bounce Infinity E.1 battle is over, There is overall a clear winner in terms of the price, features, range, battery, and convenience objectively. But the best electric scooter is definitely up to the individual preferences. The emphasis on test riding is a must due to the fact that personal riding preferences play a big part in this.

On paper, The Bounce Infinity E.1 is the outright winner, the Ampere Magnus EX edges the E.1 on a few aspects but nothing major. The perfect electric scooter awaits, take on eco-friendly adventures through the urban jungle! So ditch the petrol guzzler, embrace the electric revolution, and choose the Bounce Infinity E.1 for a ride that's fun, functional, and friendly on the planet!

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