With environmental issues at the forefront of public consciousness in today's fast-paced world, there is an increasing demand for sustainable transportation solutions.

Introduction to Electric Scooters in Indore:

Urban commuters are increasingly choosing electric scooters as an effective and environmentally friendly form of transportation. In cities like Indore, where the need for cleaner air and reduced carbon emissions is paramount, the adoption of electric scooters is gaining traction.

In this blog, we'll explore the dynamic landscape of electric scooter in Indore regarding prices and dealerships.

We'll explore the diverse range of options available to residents, from the affordability of entry-level models to the luxury of premium offerings. 

Additionally, we'll spotlight the critical dealerships in the city, highlighting their role in promoting electric mobility and facilitating the transition to cleaner transportation alternatives.

Growing popularity of electric scooters for clean, efficient travel

Indore's embrace of electric scooters reflects a broader trend towards cleaner and more efficient modes of transportation. 

People are starting to consider electric scooters as a practical substitute for traditional automobiles as worries about climate change and air pollution grow.  

The city's growing charging station network and supportive government policies further encourage the adoption of electric mobility solutions. 

With their low maintenance costs and minimal environmental impact, electric scooters offer a practical and sustainable way to navigate Indore's bustling streets.

Indore's role in adopting electric mobility:

Indore's proactive approach to adopting electric mobility sets it apart as a leader in sustainable transportation initiatives. 

From implementing electric vehicle incentives to promoting the development of charging infrastructure, the city is taking concrete steps to facilitate the transition towards cleaner transportation options. 

Indore is leading the way in promoting the widespread use of electric scooters and other environmentally friendly vehicles to lower carbon emissions and improve air quality. Examples of these programs include the Green Mobility Campaign and the Indore Smart City Project.  

As Indore continues to pave the way towards a greener future, electric scooters are poised to play a central role in shaping the city's transportation landscape for years to come.

Dealer Insights:

An array of reputable dealerships in Indore cater to the diverse requirements and inclinations of their clientele when it comes to purchasing electric scooters.  

Among the key dealerships, Bounce Infinity is a prominent player in the electric scooter market. 

With its commitment to innovation and sustainability, Bounce Infinity offers a range of electric scooters designed for urban commuting.

Key electric scooter dealers in Indore:

  • Bounce Infinity: Bounce Infinity stands out as one of the critical electric scooter brands available in Indore. 

With its focus on providing eco-friendly and efficient urban commuting solutions, Bounce Infinity offers a diverse range of electric scooters designed to meet the needs of modern riders.

  • Okinawa: Another famous electric scooter brand in Indore is Okinawa. 

Known for their reliability, performance, and eco-friendly features, Okinawa electric scooters are favoured by many residents for their stylish designs and advanced technology.

  • Hero Electric: In the electric scooter market, Hero Electric is a reputable brand with a selection of models designed to satisfy city commuters' demands.  

With its emphasis on affordability and sustainability, Hero Electric scooters are a common sight on the streets of Indore.

  • Evolet: Evolet electric scooters combine style, performance, and affordability, making them a popular choice among Indore's eco-conscious commuters. 

  • Lectrix: Lectrix electric scooters are renowned for their high-quality construction, powerful motors, and advanced technology. 

Designed to deliver an exceptional riding experience, Lectrix scooters cater to discerning consumers seeking premium electric mobility solutions in Indore.

Summary of Sakshi E Vehicle for Bounce Infinity Electric Scooters:

Sakshi E Vehicle is a prominent dealership in Indore. It is known for its dedication to promoting electric mobility by selling Bounce Infinity electric scooters. 

As an authorised dealer for Bounce Infinity, Sakshi E Vehicle offers customers access to a diverse range of electric scooters renowned for their innovative features, eco-friendly design, and superior performance. 

Location and contact details for significant dealerships:

Here are the location and content details for one of the significant dealerships in Indore that are available for Bounce Infinity electric scooters.

  • Address: Opp. Lal Petrol Pump, AB Road., Dewas Naka, Lasudia Mori, Indore, 452010, Indore
  • Contact details: +91 9755649665,  +91 9755649665

Founder's vision for promoting electric mobility in Indore:

At Sakshi E Vehicle, the founder's vision for promoting electric mobility in Indore goes beyond just selling electric scooters. 

It encompasses a broader mission of creating a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for the city. 

The dealership hopes to encourage more locals to choose eco-friendly commuting options by promoting the advantages of electric mobility through the sale of Bounce Infinity electric scooters. 

Sakshi E Vehicle is committed to being a key player in advancing the use of electric vehicles in Indore and supporting the city's environmental preservation and sustainability initiatives. The company places a strong emphasis on innovation, quality, and customer service.

Bounce Infinity Electric Scooters:

Bounce Infinity electric scooters have revolutionised urban transportation in Indore with their innovative design, eco-friendly features, and exceptional performance. 

As a key player in the electric scooter market, Bounce Infinity offers different models tailored to meet the needs of modern riders in Indore.

Overview of Bounce Infinity models available in Indore:

Bounce Infinity boasts an impressive lineup of electric scooters, each designed to offer a unique riding experience tailored to urban commuters in Indore. 

From compact and agile city cruisers to robust long-range models, there's a Bounce Infinity scooter to suit every lifestyle and preference.

Whether navigating busy streets or embarking on longer journeys, Bounce Infinity electric scooters deliver reliability, efficiency, and style in equal measure.

Top speeds and range per charge for Bounce Infinity scooters:

With their strong motors and advanced battery technology, Bounce Infinity electric scooters offer impressive speeds and range per charge, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free commuting experience for riders in Indore. 

Depending on the model, Bounce Infinity scooters can have top speeds of up to 65 km/h and deliver a range per charge of up to 85 kilometres

Unique qualities promoting sustainable mobility:

  • Energy-efficient motors reduce carbon emissions and minimise environmental impact.
  • Regenerative braking systems capture and store kinetic energy during braking, extending battery life and enhancing efficiency.
  • Using eco-friendly materials in construction reduces the ecological footprint of production and manufacturing processes.
  • Integration of innovative technology features, such as eco-driving modes and battery management systems, optimises energy usage and promotes eco-conscious riding habits.
  • Collaboration with renewable energy sources for charging infrastructure, promoting clean energy for powering electric scooters.
  • Continuous research and development efforts to innovate and improve sustainability practices in all aspects of electric scooter production and operation.

Okinawa Electric Scooters:

Overview of Okinawa models available in Indore:

Okinawa electric scooters have made a significant impact on Indore's transportation landscape, offering a diverse range of models tailored to urban commuting needs.

From compact city cruisers like the Okinawa Ridge to long-range touring scooters like the Okinawa Praise, there's a model to suit every rider's preferences and requirements.

Top speeds and range per charge for Okinawa scooters:

Okinawa electric scooters are renowned for their impressive performance and range of capabilities.

Depending on the model, Okinawa scooters can achieve top speeds ranging from 60-75 km/h while delivering a range per charge of up to 170-200 kilometres. 

This ensures riders can confidently navigate city streets or embark on longer journeys without worrying about battery life.

Unique qualities promoting sustainable mobility:

  • Okinawa electric scooters are built with sustainability, featuring energy-efficient motors and advanced battery technology.
  • Using eco-friendly materials in construction further enhances Okinawa's commitment to sustainability, ensuring that each scooter is produced with minimal ecological footprint.
  • Okinawa's dedication to promoting sustainable mobility extends beyond its products, with initiatives aimed at developing renewable energy infrastructure and fostering eco-conscious riding habits among users, making Okinawa a leader in the transition towards greener transportation solutions.

Komaki Electric Scooters:

Introduction to Komaki's eco-friendly electric scooters:

Komaki electric scooters are at the forefront of eco-friendly transportation, offering a range of models designed to revolutionise urban commuting.

With their sleek designs, advanced technology, and emphasis on sustainability, Komaki scooters are setting new standards for electric mobility in Indore and beyond.

Ex-showroom prices for Komaki models in Indore:

Komaki electric scooters are competitively priced, making them a good option to a wide range of consumers in Indore.

From the affordable Komaki LY to the premium Komaki Ranger, there's a model available for every budget and preference.

Model Name Ex-showroom Price (Approximately)
Komaki XGT X One ₹47,617
Komaki XGT KM ₹56,890
Komaki XGT VP ₹62,305
Komaki X2 Vogue ₹62,311
Komaki DT 3000 ₹1,21,142

Detailed features and design of select models like Komaki LY and Ranger

Komaki LY:

  • The Komaki LY features a sleek and compact design, making it ideal for navigating through crowded city streets and narrow lanes with ease.
  • With its lightweight build and responsive handling, the Komaki LY offers agile manoeuvrability.
  • Equipped with an efficient electric motor, the Komaki LY delivers smooth acceleration and brisk performance.
  • The scooter comes with a comfortable seat and ergonomic riding position.
  • The Komaki LY has advanced features such as LED lighting, digital instrumentation, and smartphone connectivity. 

Komaki Ranger:

  • The Komaki Ranger boasts a classic cruiser design with a retro-inspired aesthetic, making it stand out in the competitive market. 
  • Built with precision engineering, the Komaki Ranger exudes quality and sophistication, reflecting its premium status in the electric scooter segment.
  • Featuring a robust electric motor and high-capacity battery, the Komaki Ranger delivers impressive performance, with quick acceleration and ample power for both city commutes and highway cruising.
  • With its large battery capacity, the Komaki Ranger offers an extended range per charge, allowing buyers to cover longer distances.
  • The Komaki Ranger prioritises rider comfort with a spacious seat, relaxed riding position, and smooth suspension system. 
  • Boasting premium amenities such as keyless ignition, anti-theft alarm, and USB charging port, the Komaki Ranger offers discerning riders a luxurious and convenient riding experience.

Komaki Ranger as India's first electric cruiser

The Komaki Ranger represents a revolutionary shift in the electric scooter market as India's first electric cruiser. With its distinctive cruiser design and unparalleled performance, the Komaki Ranger sets a new standard for electric mobility in the country.

Riding experience benefits with Komaki electric scooters.

Riding a Komaki electric scooter offers a host of benefits, such as:

  • Silent Operation: Komaki electric scooters operate quietly, providing a serene and peaceful riding experience without the noise and vibration of traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

  • Zero Emissions: Komaki scooters run on electricity, producing zero emissions, aiming to reduce air pollution and minimise environmental impact. 

This eco-friendly approach promotes cleaner and greener transportation solutions for urban areas.

  • Low Operating Costs: Electric scooters are more cost-effective than gasoline, with lower fuel and maintenance costs. 

Komaki scooters offer significant savings on fuel expenses, making them an economical choice for everyday commutes. 

  • Instant Torque: Electric motors deliver instant torque, providing responsive acceleration and quick throttle response for a dynamic and exhilarating riding experience. 

This instantaneous power delivery makes Komaki scooters agile and nimble, perfect for navigating through city traffic with ease.

Hero Electric Flash

The Hero Electric Flash stands out as a popular choice among commuters in Indore. It offers an affordable and eco-friendly transportation option. 

With its compact design, efficient performance, and competitive pricing, the Flash caters to urban riders seeking a reliable and cost-effective mode of transportation.

Price details for Hero Electric Flash in Indore

The Hero Electric Flash is competitively priced in the Indore market, making it accessible to many consumers.

Ex-showroom price- ₹ 59,640

On-road price- ₹ 64,843

Comparison with similar electric scooters in Indore

Compared to other electric scooters in Indore, the Hero Electric Flash offers a compelling combination of affordability, reliability, and performance. 

While some models may offer slightly different features or specifications, the Flash stands out for its simplicity, ease of use, and low maintenance requirements.

User reviews and ratings from Indore residents

Indore residents who have purchased and used the Hero Electric Flash have generally provided positive reviews and ratings for the scooter. 

Users appreciate its lightweight design, smooth ride quality, and low operating costs. 

However, some users have noted minor issues with battery life or charging times, which may vary depending on individual usage patterns.

On-road prices in Indore and nearby cities:

City Estimated On-Road Price (₹)
Indore ₹66,037 (approx)
Bhopal ₹66,787 (approx)
Ujjain ₹66,337 (approx)
Jabalpur ₹67,137 (approx)
Aurangabad ₹67,487 (approx)

The national price range for a broader context

In the broader national market context, the Hero Electric Flash is positioned as an affordable entry-level electric scooter that competes with similar models from various manufacturers. 

While the price range for electric scooters across the country may vary depending on factors such as brand reputation, features, and specifications, the Flash offers a competitive option for budget-conscious consumers seeking an electric mobility solution.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Feedback on Bounce Infinity from local residents

  • Local residents praise Bounce Infinity for its sleek design and advanced features, noting its eye-catching appearance on the streets of Indore.
  • Many users appreciate the smooth acceleration and responsive handling of Bounce Infinity scooters, making them ideal for navigating through the city's traffic.
  • Customers commend Bounce Infinity for its long battery life and impressive range per charge, allowing for extended rides without worrying about recharging frequently.

Reviews of Komaki electric scooters highlighting riding comfort and design

  • Riders emphasise the superior riding comfort offered by Komaki electric scooters, thanks to their ergonomic design and well-padded seats, making long journeys a breeze.
  • Customers praise the stylish and futuristic design of Komaki scooters, attracting attention and admiration wherever they go in Indore.

Hero Electric Flash reviews covering pros, cons, and user experiences

  • Users commend the affordability of Hero Electric Flash, making it a great option for budget-conscious buyers in Indore.
  • Customers appreciate Hero Electric Flash's compact and lightweight design, which makes it easy to manoeuvre through congested streets and narrow lanes.

Comparative Insights

Price comparisons among different electric scooter models in Indore

Indore residents can compare prices among various available electric scooter models. From entry-level scooters to premium models, understanding the price variations helps consumers make informed decisions based on their budget and requirements.

Evaluating electric scooter options: Bounce Infinity, Okinawa, Komaki, and Hero Electric

Model Brand Ex-showroom Price (₹) On-Road Price (₹) Indore (Est.) Range (km/charge) Top Speed (km/h) Battery Bounce Infinity E1 Bounce ₹ 1,09,605 ₹ 1,19,939 85 65 Li-ion Okinawa PraisePro Okinawa ₹84,443 Rs.88,416 81 56 Li-ion Komaki XGT X One Komaki ₹47,617 Rs.50,855* 60 45 Li-ion Komaki XGT KM Komaki ₹56,890 Rs.60,279* 60 45 Li-ion Hero Electric Flash Hero Electric Information Not Available** ₹66,037 (approx) 60 46 Lead Acid Hero Electric Atria Hero Electric ₹46,999 Rs.81,416 85 40 Li-ion

Factors influencing electric scooter choice among Indore residents:

Here are the factors influencing electric scooter choice among Indore residents:

  • Affordability: The price of the electric scooter is a significant factor influencing the choice among Indore residents, with many considering their budget constraints before purchasing.
  • Brand Reputation: The reputation of the electric scooter brand plays a crucial role in decision-making, with consumers often preferring well-established brands known for their reliability, quality, and after-sales service.
  • Performance: Speed, acceleration, and range per charge are essential considerations for Indore residents, especially those looking for efficient and reliable transportation options for daily commuting or leisure rides.
  • Charging Infrastructure: The availability of charging infrastructure in Indore and surrounding areas influences the choice of electric scooters, with residents preferring models that offer convenient and accessible charging options.
  • After-Sales Service: The quality of after-sales service and support provided by dealerships and manufacturers is a critical factor for Indore residents, ensuring peace of mind and satisfaction with their electric scooter purchases.
  • Environmental Impact: Increasing awareness of environmental sustainability drives some residents to choose electric scooters over conventional gasoline-powered vehicles, reflecting a desire to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to cleaner air in the city.
  • Government Incentives: Government policies and incentives promoting electric vehicle adoption, such as subsidies, tax benefits, and registration discounts, also influence the choice of electric scooters among Indore residents, making them more attractive and affordable.


As we wrap up our journey through the electrifying world of electric scooters in Indore, it's clear that we stand on the cusp of a revolutionary transformation in urban mobility. 

The availability of diverse electric scooter options, ranging from sleek city cruisers to robust long-range models, reflects a city poised to embrace sustainable transportation solutions.

Looking ahead, the future of electric scooter adoption in Indore is bright. With increasing awareness of environmental sustainability and government initiatives driving the transition towards electric mobility, we can anticipate a seismic shift in transportation habits. 

As we navigate towards a cleaner, greener future, electric scooters emerge as not just vehicles but symbols of progress and innovation.

Summary of electric scooter availability and choices in Indore:

Indore offers a diverse range of electric scooters, catering to various needs and preferences of riders. 

From budget-friendly options to premium models, residents have ample choices to explore. 

Brands like Bounce Infinity, Okinawa, Komaki, and Hero Electric provide a plethora of features and designs, ensuring there's a perfect scooter for everyone in the city.

The importance of dealer support and product quality in decision-making:

Dealer support and product quality are pivotal in the decision-making process when purchasing an electric scooter. 

Reputable dealerships like Sakshi E Vehicle and Kashvi Motors offer reliable service and support, ensuring a seamless buying experience and post-purchase satisfaction. 

Prioritising brands known for their durability and performance ensures peace of mind and a rewarding ownership experience.

Future outlook on electric scooter adoption in Indore:

The future of electric scooter adoption in Indore looks promising, with increasing awareness of environmental sustainability and government initiatives promoting electric mobility. 

As infrastructure develops and incentives encourage adoption, we anticipate a significant rise in electric scooter usage across the city. 

Embracing electric scooters not only enhances personal mobility but also contributes to a cleaner and greener urban environment for future generations.

Ready to join the electric revolution in Indore? Experience the convenience, efficiency, and sustainability of electric scooters with Bounce Infinity. Visit our showroom today and embark on a journey towards greener mobility!

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